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Detecting Spy Software

There’s actually no guarantee you’ll be able to find evidence of the spy software itself, as such software is designed to be hidden from view. Instead there may be a few left over telltale signs of a jailbreak, and if you find them and but have not performed a jailbreak yourself then you should be suspicious of anyone who has had access to your device. If your partner or parent has jailbroken your device for you then it isn’t certain  you’re being spied upon, but it is very difficult to prove otherwise without reverting to stock firmware.

The biggest telltale sign of a jailbreak is the Cydia app. Even if this app has been hidden from the home screen, searching for it (pull down or swipe to the right on your homescreen) should still find it. If the application is there, your phone is jailbroken (don’t worry about Wikipedia entries, as per the screenshot below).

There is no guarantee of finding Cydia, and the careful snooper will probably try all they can to hide any signs of a jailbreak . Other apps to search for that might suggest a jailbreak include Installer , Icy , SBSettings, Absinthe  and Installous . Similarly, installing an app like PayPal (mentioned above) might reveal something is up if they refuse to run.

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