iPhone App to Track Countries Visited

There are a wide variety of Apple and Android devices available. .. Device, Type, Screen, Length, Width, Depth, Weight, Bright1, CPU, RAM, GPS .. iPad Mini 3 2014, Tablet, 7.9", 7.87", 5.3", 0.3", 11.68oz, iphone app to track countries visited 394nits, A7, 1GB, Optional, 3, 1 .. iPhone 5s 2013, Phone, 4", 4.87", 2.31", 0.3", 3.95oz, 502nits, A7, 1GB, Yes, 2, 1.10 best meditation apps for AndroidNags for "Gold Membership" even in paid "Pro" appYou can help get fit using these awesome health apps. .. Most of the useful ones are either exercise apps, calorie counters, activity tracking apps, or some .. We have more health style app lists linked up just below and throughout the article.3 days ago .. When Apple debuted the iPhone eight, eight Plus and X final iphone app to track countries visited .. 10W, it might probably additionally output 5W and 9W, relying on the system.

This tutorial will show you how to set up the GPS tracking feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s and track its location using your PC or MAC, in case you lose your iPhone or your iPhone gets stolen. UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TUTORIAL, CLICK HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVcoZm...Tracking your iPhone 4 or 4s using another iDevice consist of a slightly different procedure than tracking it with your PC or MAC. To learn to track your iPhone using another iDevice such as iPad, iPod or a friend's iPhone, please see this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96WZLS... PLEASE NOTE: If you've already LOST your iPhone and you did not turn this feature on PRIOR to losing it, you will not be able to track it. Sorry.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAQQ: I already lost my iPhone and Find My iPhone is not setup. Can I still track it?A: No, unfortunately. This feature must be setup for it to work.Q: FInd My iPhone feature is not turned on. Can I still track it?A: No, unfortunately. This feature must be on for it to work.Q: My iPhone is turned off. Can II still track it?A: No. Your iPhone must be on and connected to Wifi or your data network.Q: My iPhone is not connected to the internet. Can II still track it?A: No. Your iPhone connected to Wifi or your data network. On iPhone 5, you can use "Lost Mode" to notify you when your iPhone is tracked.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INCREASE THE CHANCES OF RECOVERING YOUR IPHONELearn to prevent thieves from disabling the "Find My iPhone" feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s in this tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TrTwX...

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Install a Tracking Device on a iPhone

How to choose between notepads, text editors, and word processors for your Mac or iPad How to Locate Your Phone Without the Find My iPhone App - Lifewire

How To: Put Music on Your iPhone Without Using iTunesFREE Website builder with hosting iPhone for Monitoring Neuromuscular Function 23 Apr 2012 - 2 min - Uploaded by DoItForDummiesThis tutorial will show you how to set up the GPS tracking feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s and .. Shop Products

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Step 3: Accept Their Location; Don't Share Yours Back

Once their location is shared to your device, hit "Accept." After a few seconds, a popup will appear asking if you want to share your location with them. Tap on "Don't Share" so that they can't track your location.

  • 2.2.3

    17 Feb 2018 iPhone X support.
  • 2.2.2

    2 May 2016 - Fixed problem with in-app browser. It now uses https instead of http.
  • 2.2.1

    15 Apr 2016 - Fixed Instagram sharing.- Fixed a couple of translation errors in the Korean version. For some reason, we accidentally translated Thailand as the Korean word for "tie"? Sorry about that!- Also, the release notes for the previous version (2.2) were phrased badly and could be read in a way that seemed condescending. It was not our intent. Sorry about that too!
  • 2.2

    4 Apr 2016 - In addition to tapping the + button, it is now possible to also tap the map to bring up the country selection view. The country selection view can also be brought up from the continent detail views in the same manner.- The 3D globe can still be accessed by clicking the World entry in the table view. A "3D" icon emphasizes this.
  • 2.1

    13 May 2015 Fixed a bug where the app would crash if the user tapped the map view in the continent view.
  • 2.0

    4 May 2015 1. The app now requires iOS 8.2. Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens has finally been added.3. Added a rotating 3D globe showing your world map. It can be shared as a video!4. Individual continents now have their own maps and can be shared separately.5. Tapping on a country name opens the corresponding Wikipedia in a browser inside the app.6. The number of countries is shown above the list of countries when pulled down.7. Localized to support 14 languages (English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Russian).
  • 1.3

    27 Mar 2014 Fixed a few inaccuracies.
  • 1.2

    14 Nov 2013 1. Instagram sharing on iPhone. Requires the Instagram app to be installed on the phone.2. Some missing countries have been added.3. Tap percent number to show number of countries instead.4. Some iOS 7 adaptations have been made.NOTE: iOS 7 is required for the new version.
  • 1.1

    14 Aug 2013 1. A separate USA map has been added where you can select what states you have visited.2. A bigger map is shown in landscape mode on iPhone.3. The UK has been split into England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.4. The search filter is now cleared when the selection view is closed.
  • 1.0

    30 Jul 2013

What can 'Find My iPhone' Do?

  1. It can pin point the exact location of your missing iPhone on a map.
  2. It can activate a siren sound at full volume for 2 minutes so that anyone close-by can identify and hopefully return it.
  3. It can put the device under Lock with a Passcode.
  4. You can Toggle on "Lost Mode", and flash a custom message on the screen of the iPhone.
  5. You can find the shortest driving route to the iPhone.
  6. If you feel the iPhone has been stolen or compromised, you can wipe off all data.
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Parental control for Blackberry

For BlackBerry 5.x-9.x

How to install...

OTA Install


Install parental time control software on your child’s Blackberry phone, and be aware what your children doing it the Internet. KidLogger for Blackberry phones includes the following features: Phone activity log

Saving following data: the calls duration, contacts names, SMS and running programs.

Browsing activity log from anywhere

All data is stored on a server in your account and are available at any time from any location.

All KidLogger monitoring features for Blackberry

  1. Records in/out calls – overview the phone number and optionally contact name (as it is registered in the phone’s contacts list).
  2. Records in/out SMS – shows the phone number and optionally contact name, gives opportunity to overview the SMS text.
  3. Logs used Applications – list of launched applications during phone use.
  4. Tracks phone location – periodically logs GPS coordinates of the phone. You can overview phone location history through the Google Map.
  5. Keep your children safe in cyberspace
  6. Find out who your child is talking to over the phone or when in cyberspace


Supported phones with BlackBerry:

KidLogger application works on any mobile phone powered by BlackBerry OS 5.0 and higher: Curve 9320, 9220, 9380, 9370, 9360, and 9350; Curve 3G 9330, 9300, 8530, 8520;

Bold 9650, 9700, 9780, 9790; Bold Touch 9900, 9930Pearl 3G 9105, 9100, Pearl Flip 8230

Torch 9810, 9860, 9850, 9800;

Storm 9500, 9530; Storm2 9520, 9550; Storm3; Style 9670; Porsche Design P 9981

Questions & Answers:

How to install and use Kidlogger for Blackberry


Keep your kid and teenager safe by using the best cell phone monitoring & trackingwith KidLogger phone tracker and parental control tools.

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What are macros and macro tracking? Please contact  supportpetmonitorapp Arquivos


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With their ease of installation and use

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  • This article show you 3 methods to hack Facebook Messenger Conversations & Accounts on PC or Phones. With the help of this app, you can spy all the call recordings, spy call recorer and all types of video messages.
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  • With the the Spy Phone GPS tracking features you can keep track of where your children are when they are not at home.

Once you click on our Free Download buttons you will begin to install the software. What you do on Facebook, and what you say are private.

Mark the message as spam. The entire installation takes about 30 seconds.

Quick Installation. Once you finish the install, SpyPhone will begin collecting information off the smartphone about 10 minutes later and you will be able to view the data approximately 10 minutes after that at spyphone.

Find out how to track a cell phone location with our guides and reviews of dozens of apps and cell phone tracker services. It does this by scouring the memory of the mobile device and extracting all available old and deleted text messages that havent been overwritten.

However, it may also be used for many other things and you can even develop a personalized plan for tracking your own phone with advanced mSpy iPhone tracker solutions. Facebook will not contact you by Messages.

More about this property15.3.0 Apple iPhone 7 Plus SMS Tracker If you don't like manually typing in places on your iPhone, you can also import bookmarked places from your Google Maps through the Everplaces web site.

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