How to Find Old Text Messages on iPhone

15 Feb 2016 .. To recover messages from iPhone 4/4s directly: Connect your iPhone 4/4s to computer and run PhoneRescue > Choose Recover from iOS Device how to find old text messages on iphone > Select Messages option. 2. Preview and select the messages you need > Click on To Computer button or To iDevice button to get them backup. 3.iPhone Backup Viewer is a free iPhone backup extractor for Mac ..

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How to back up & transfer iPhone text messages

We explain how to transfer texts and iMessages from one iPhone to another, or back them up to a Mac or Windows PC. Plus we explain how to use Messages in iCloud to keep all your Messages in sync, backed up, and save space on your iPhone

By Lucy Hattersley | 20 Jun 18

It's useful to know how to back up text messages, and transfer them from one iPhone to another, or to a Mac or PC. The obvious application is when setting up a new iPhone : when you open Messages for the first time it may be empty, and your old conversations can be important for work or hold sentimental value.

This article looks at the best ways to transfer SMS and iMessage texts from one iPhone to another.

Since Apple updated iOS and MacOS at the end of May 2018 it has been possible to store all your messages in iCloud, so that you can access every message you have ever recevied on all your devices (including your Mac) - and, crucially, gain easy access to all your messages on a new iPhone or iPad.

With this new feature - known as Messages in iCloud - turned on you will be able to keep all your Messages in sync across all your devices, back up the photos and attachments that are sent to you via iMessage, plus save space on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, and access your entire message history on any device anywhere.

If you’d like to know how to implement Messages in iCloud read on…

But, first, a little background:

How Messages used to sync

Before, if you were signed into the same Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, then the Messages apps on each device would show incoming messages at the same time. If you replied to a message, the conversation would be updated on each device. Except it didn’t always work like that.

If, for example, all your devices weren’t powered on or connected to the internet, the messages wouldn’t arrive there. And if you deleted a message on one device - say some spam from some random iCloud address - it would still be on all your other devices until you deleted it there too.

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And Don’t Forget Siri!

Searching for recent messages is another task you can offload to Siri. She’ll even read them for you if you want. Unfortunately, Siri still doesn’t search through all of your message histories but rather locates the most recent conversation thread(s).

How-To check recent messages using Siri 

  1. Activate Siri by pressing the side button or holding the Home button
  2. Ask Siri to “Check new messages,” “Open messages from (person),” “Do I have any new messages?” and so forth
  3. Siri reads your recent messages or lets you know you don’t have any new messages 
  4. Once done reading, Siri  asks if you’d like to reply
    1. If you didn’t catch  all of the messages, ask Siri to “Read Again.”

Sadly, Siri’s search function for messages is still quite lacking. One of my biggest annoyances is that Siri only reads your most recent messages rather than displays them on-screen. I wish iOS allowed Siri just to show you those messages on-screen, rather than having the AI reads them all aloud. Also, since Siri currently only searches recent messages, we cannot use Siri to locate any older messages–and those are often the exact ones we’re searching for!

Don’t Want Siri Searching Through Your Messages?

If you don’t like the idea of Siri going through your recent messages, you can turn this feature off
  • Go to  Settings > Siri&Search
  • Scroll down to the Message App
  • Toggle off   Search & Siri Suggestions
    • If you don’t want to allow your text messages to show up in Siri and Search App Suggestions, toggle off Show App as well

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