How Do I Track An iPhone Refund

Log photos taken by the phoneAug 15, 2017 .. It means you don't need to get that very how do i track an iphone refund smartphone you want to spy on. .. There are just two official ways on how to spy on a cell phone without ..

Important spying software how do i track an iphone refund featuresThe latest 6.3 version is compatible with All SmartPhones of all models!

How to Use how do i track an iphone refund Cell Phone Spy SoftwareGPS Tracker by FollowMee

Part 2: Track iPhone without app using iCloud

Another free method to track iPhone without app is to access your iCloud dashboard. You can perform several features with this, you can locate your iPhone on a map, you can set off an alarm, lock it, or even erase all its contents if you're afraid it has been stolen.

How to track iPhone without app using iCloud:

  1. Enter your iCloud ID and Password to gain access to your dashboard.
  2. On your dashboard, choose the 'Find iPhone' icon.
  3. You'll find an "All devices" drop down menu. Select that, and then choose the lost or stolen iPhone.
  4. You'll find an interactive map with the exact location of your device. You can toggle navigation to be led to it immediately. You can also activate the following features:

Play Sound: With this the iPhone would start giving off an alarm at full volume for 2 whole minutes so that someone can detect it and keep it safe.

Lost Mode: This will put your phone on lockdown mode, and flash a custom message on the screen.

Erase Data: If you fear your iPhone has been stolen and compromised, you can use this function to delete all data.

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By Dan Moren

Contributor, Macworld | Apr 7, 2014 10:00 AM PT

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