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    A security flaw opens access to the texts you send, the websites you browse, your private phone calls, and even your bank account password.

    Top Programs to Spy on a Cell Phone

    From my 8 years in the business, I have come across many cell phone android spy apps, but only a few that actually work. I will give you my recommendation and you can choose which is best for you.

    I have chosen to provide you with the programs that have the best balance of simplicity, cost, and dependability. The recommended spy programs below also have no monthly fees and additional costs. I HATE monthly subscriptions so I didn’t want to give you something I wouldn’t buy myself. Make sense?

    While compiling the How-To-Guide, I did a test run on each of these programs. So, you can be rest assured knowing that they are reliable and trustworthy. Here are my recommendations:

    GPS Tracker, free and safe download. GPS Tracker latest version: A free program for windows, by GPS Tracker. GPS Tracker is a free software also available for .. How to Find Draft Text Messages on iPhone 5 Get Free Trial MxSpy!Read Your Child's Text Messages Without Them Knowing CommentsBest Cell Phone Trackers & Spy AppsBest spy and tracker software for Samsung phones

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    • Fox Mobile Spy
    Category Communications
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    • Contains spam or advertising
    • Contains profanity
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    • Allows access to just about everything
    • easy to use dashboard
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    Tracking child's text messages

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    Authors iPhone Apps for Calorie Tracking Part 2. Quickly Get to the Beginning of A Text Conversation3 Ways to Read Someones Text Messages without them knowing ..How to Install the mSpy Text Tracker? Track Cell Phone Location for Free Online Just the Number

    How to Track A Text Message Location

    KidGuard Editor    December 26, 2016    no comments.

    Tracking the location of users has been a controversial topic of discussion in mobile platforms. After all, location-tracking tools can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. However, they can also be very useful in certain circumstances.

    When you are concerned for the well-being of your children, tracking the location of text messages can be a very useful tool.

    Location tracking – features and limits

    First of all, tracking the location of a user based solely on their text messages is virtually impossible, at least for the average user. Technically, carriers can always approximately track your location based on various things such as your distance between cell phone towers and proximity to nearby Wi-Fi spots.

    However, the texts you share with your friends and family do not hold location data. As such, in order to track user location based on text messages, additional input is required. There are two ways to approach this.

    First, you can use a dedicated app to share your location and/or request someone else’s location. Secondly, you can use a so-called ‘spy app’ to track elements like GPS location, text messages, and more.


    Tracking messages in iOS

    Because Apple is very strict on privacy, legal spy apps on the iPhone and iPad are practically non-existent. If you are willing to void your warranty and jailbreak your phone, however, then you will gain access to more services.

    Their legitimacy varies wildly, however, so your best bet is to use what is allowed within the iOS ecosystem. For instance, KidGuard is a fantastic tracking service that allows you track every member of your family at once as well as check out their messages.

    Apple’s Find My iPhone feature can also be used for the same purpose, particularly if you wish to keep track of your children. Moreover, your contacts can choose to share their location with you through iMessage.

    After launching the app, tap on the Details menu and you should see options to ‘Share My Current Location’ and ‘Share My Location’, the latter of which even has an ‘indefinitely’ option.


    Tracking messages in Android

    Google’s less restrictive operating system allows for much greater variation. Most spy apps are paid. However, some of them work better than others. Even so, keeping track of your children’s location is sometimes essential and most parents wouldn’t mind paying for a quality service.

    KidGuard also exists in Android, for instance, and Google’s Android Device Manager can be used in the same way as Find My iPhone. Spy-like services do exist but are not recommended for various reasons.

    First of all, most of them require exorbitant monthly subscriptions. Furthermore, they infringe on privacy on numerous levels. Most of their simpler tasks can be accomplished even by users who are not really tech-savvy anyway.

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    KidGuard People Search is a new additional service provided by KidGuard that allows people to do a background search on any person they wish. Your searches are secure in our SSL certified server. We collect data from all sources to make sure we bring you the most accurate report for your search. FIND ANYONE'S PAST!

    Let Us Help Keep Your Child Safe Online!

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    3. Read someone's text messages without having their phone

    Read Someone Else's Text Messages Through iTunes Backup

    The last method on our list is a bit different. It doesn’t include apps, but rather a software which has to be installed on your computer. The software is called iMyFone D-Back and it works with all versions of iOS.

    At this point, we should explain that the process is available only for Apple devices, so for iPhone only. Of course, you are going to need iTunes as well.

    Important: This software and this method are compatible with iOS 11.​​​​​​

    A backup is simply a copy of all the data from a device. In this case scenario, it is a copy of all the data from iPhone. Once the backup data is obtained, you will be free to get access to the messages, files, and other data which is saved in the backup itself.

    Because this method is different, we will guide you through the process. Anyway, all you have to do is to follow these steps: Step 1: Install the iMyFone D-Back

    Step 2: Run it and select Recover from iTunes

    Step 3: Click start

    Step 4: Check all the message sources you want to gain access to

    Step 5: Select the backup file and  Click Scan

    Step 6: If you want to save the text messages, click ‘Recover’

    Step 7: Done

    After the completion of the final step, you have also a possibility to restore the files and keep them permanently on your computer.

    So, this method allows you to understand how to read someone else's text messages without their phone at any given moment. All you have to do is to use the software and of course, you will need a backup of the iPhone.

    We also liked this method due to the fact it allows you to intercept text messages without target phone but you still need a computer.

    There is something more which must be mentioned here. The method in question is compatible with all models of iPhone, stating from 4S. It also works perfectly with iPad devices. In essence, you can use it for all Apple devices which run iOS 8 or later.

    In general, the method is simple enough for all users. Even a child can use it, although it sounds complicated. There is no need in telling you that this method doesn’t work unless you have a backup of a device. To get a backup, you must use iTunes.

    Besides messages, you will gain access to all the data from a backup file, such as videos, photos, music files and etc.


    There are a few downsides to this method. If you are looking for an answer to the how to spy on text messages without installing software question, this obviously isn’t the answer.

    You will need a backup, which may be impossible to get. Then, it works only with iOS, not with Android phones. The last but not least, there is no data information in real time. 

    All messages you will read will be old, therefore this may be something you don’t actually want. In addition, GPS positioning isn’t possible here.

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