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News: Coming Soon to a Smartphone Near You: 3D Navigation for Buildings!How to transfer contacts from iPhone to can you put a tracker on an iphone your iPhone - Macworld UK

How to track a family member's device with can you put a tracker on an iphone your Find My iPhoneTop Programs to Spy on a Cell Phone

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Way to Spy My iPhone 6 Vodafone

Display qualityHow To: Make Find Your iPhone Work on a Dead Battery in iOS 8 How to transfer photos from iphone to iphone without computerStolen iPhone? Be Sure To Do This Now How to Spy In Mobile Phone SMS Messages InfoMake an iCloud backup

How to get music on an iPhone

Getting music on to an iPhone is straightforward, and in this article we show you how. We also cover what to do if you have more than one iPhone and want to transfer your favourite music from one to the other

By Lucy Hattersley | 25 Jun 18

What's New

Version History

Version History

  • 3.4.21

    Feb 16, 2017 Squashed some bugs. Thanks for your feedback!
  • 3.4.19

    Jan 10, 2017 Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • 3.4.18

    Sep 29, 2016 We fixed some pesky bugs!
  • 3.4.7

    Apr 17, 2014 We have over 3 million users! Thank you for making us one of the most popular apps! This update brings you some new features, better battery management, improved accuracy and a we squashed a few bugs.
  • 3.4.6

    Apr 3, 2014 Minor bug fixes.
  • 3.4.5

    Jan 30, 2014 Minor bug fixes.
  • 3.4.4

    Dec 24, 2013 Minor bug fixes.
  • 3.4.2

    Nov 21, 2013 Added ability to request for someone to update their current location.
  • 3.4.1

    Sep 24, 2013 Minor bug fixes and iOS7 improvements.
  • 3.4

    Jul 10, 2013 Minor bug fixes.
  • 3.3

    Jul 24, 2012 - Added ability to follow another user.- Increased time to see another person's movements.- iPad compatible!
  • 3.2

    Jan 26, 2012 Minor bug fixes.
  • 3.1

    Sep 15, 2011 Improved accuracy
  • 3.0

    Jul 26, 2011
Feb 16, 2017

Version 3.4.21

Squashed some bugs. Thanks for your feedback!

Galaxy J3 - How do I Backup and Restore my Samsung Galaxy J3?Buy music on the iPhone Share this Image On Your Site Galaxy S9 expected to be Samsung’s worst-selling Galaxy S phone since 2012

Part 1: How to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud?

One of the easiest ways to move your data files from one device to another without physically connecting them is by taking the assistance of iCloud. Not only do text messages transfer to new iPhone via iCloud, it can also help you to move other data files as well like photos, contacts, music, etc. To learn how to transfer messages to new iPhone via iCloud, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, turn on the iCloud Backup feature on your source device. Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup and turn on the feature of “iCloud Backup”.

2. Afterward, ensure that your messages are also synced to your iCloud Backup. To do this, go to Settings > Messages and turn on the option of “Messages on iCloud”.

3. You can also tap on the “Sync now” button to sync your messages right away.

4. After taking a backup of your messages on iCloud, turn on your new iPhone.

5. While setting up your new iPhone, choose to restore it from iCloud. Sign in using your iCloud credentials and select the recent backup.

6. If your target iPhone is not new, then go to its Settings > General > Reset and tap on the “Erase all content and settings” option. This will reset your device, so that you can perform a setup from the scratch.


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TV platforms

Android is starting to appear in areas outside of mobiles, including TVs. Philips has created a TV with an Android operating system. So for those with an Android phone the transition should be easy as should sharing content from mobile to the big screen.


While Apple has been rumoured to be entering the TV market with a screen of its own all we've seen so far is Apple TV and its various updates. While is does help for viewing content on an iPhone it is still that walled Apple experience so playing other files or access third-party apps is not so easy.

READ:   Philips TV powered by Android: Why these could be the smartest 4K UHD TVs yet

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Metal Mulisha iPhone Track Codes

Samsung j3 emerge errorStep 5 – View dataNot only do text messages transfer to .. can also help you to move other data files .. Check Someone Else's SMS Messages from iOS Device Comment (0)About How to Secretly Track Someone’s Location With iOS

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4.2How to get music on an iPhone: Load, download, share or transfer .. Apple iPhone 7 Plus SMS Tracker News: App for your iphone to track the World Cup5 Mar 2018 .. It's as easy as following these steps: Open in any web browser. Log into your iCloud account. Click on Find iPhone in the main menu. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted. Click on All Devices at the top. Click the device name for the device you'd like to track.

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Find a lost person

There have been stories of Find My iPhone being used to locate missing people, such as this injured hiker and a missing climber .

To locate a person using Find My iPhone you would need to know their Apple ID and password.

If it's a member of your family and you have signed up for Family Sharing you will be able to see the location of the other person, as well as share their music, films, apps, photos, location and more. The only issue is that you will use a shared payment method - which means you might end up paying for their purchases. Find out how to use Family Sharing .

A better option might be to use Apple's Find My Friends app, which lets you see where your friends and family are - as long as they approve.

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